Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Laria switched off the holovid with a frown on her face. Sassy adventuresses were not just sudden death in their spaceships (she shoved aside the thought that most of the "sudden death" that happened in her ship was her own), but also when running through rapidly disintegrating industrial facilities, wielding guns in both hands and simultaneously performing acts of gymnastics.

She was actually pretty good at cartwheels and somersaults, even if she didn't always end up facing the right way. But... she'd never actually handled a firearm. There was a crate of them, rescued from the clutches of the Angel Cartel, somewhere in her "Miscellaneous" station container, but she rather felt that the station authorities would disapprove of her opening it and firing in the hangar. She thumbed the station directory. There! A firing range. With lessons. She was pretty hot with a small blaster turret, and they weren't that dissimilar. How hard could it be?


Well! That was an experience. Surely when the instructor said she was "The most dangerous person I've ever seen here" it was some kind of compliment. It was better than being /average/. Still, the banging noises had been surprisingly loud, and her forearms ached quite badly. Perhaps she could be the kind of sassy adventuress that eschewed the use of guns. Maybe /knives/ were more her style? Worth a try, anyway.

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