Tuesday, 19 April 2011


There were several things that Laria thought she required before she was properly a Sassy Adventuress. Splitting it down, they could be categorized as either (a) sassiness or (b) adventures. She'd been doing quite well with the former - lots of sassy outfits, plans for more sassy quarters, a definitely sass-appropriate boyfriend (the fact that thinking about him made her slightly gooey on the inside, rather that initiating a more casual, devil-may-care, feeling was an incidental detail). She had, however, been rather lacking in the latter.

In fact, it had been a while since she had much in the way of adventures at all, unless "found some more rocks, shot them, refined them, sold them" counted as an adventure, and while definitely rewarding, she didn't recall seeing any holovid dramas, let alone Interstellar Intrigue books, that featured vast amounts of mining.

She needed adventures, and she needed fame, and not of the sort that a regrettable record of Ishkur losses was likely to attract. She needed to be visible.

This definitely required some kind of list, she thought. But what to put on it? She could shoot pirates, possibly. Ideally the sort that weren't paying very much attention and wouldn't shoot back.

And didn't have many friends.

Somehow, "Scourge of pirates that are unpopular with other pirates" didn't really seem like a particularly desirable title.

She needed to do something else. Something spectacular.

Something spectacular and good. The possibility of doing something spectacular and embarrassing was a lurkingly large problem. But what?

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