Thursday, 13 February 2014

Smelling as Sweet

There were so many forms. There were always so many forms. Laria Raven-Caine flicked her hand across her datapad, sending the latest "Register your name-change" missive to the station's comm network. And everyone seemed so very interested in her. Which, she thought, rather happily, was pleasing. As a notorious criminal - she noted the little quiver somewhere around her lower stomach as she thought the phrase and so she thought it again - As a notorious criminal, there seemed to be much greater attention paid to where you where and what you were doing. It was certainly a way to make your name known. Even if that meant you had to send a lot of forms around when you changed it.

Of course, it meant doing some things you weren't proud of. That didn't mean that you didn't enjoy them. In fact, Laria thought that she enjoyed some of them rather more than the average Angel Cartel pilot did. She ought to really feel guilty... Suddenly, she blinked at a question on the latest one.

Reason for name change:
[ ] Marriage
[ ] Divorce
[ ] Adoption
[ ] Change of gender
[ ] Other ___________

She wasn't getting married. Having not got married, she couldn't get divorced. She wasn't being adopted and she was quite content with her current gender, as interesting, intellectually, as penises were.
There wasn't enough space in the "Other" gap to explain all the complexities. She settled on entering "Because I want to" and continued to the next form.

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