Ben-Hur (1959)

March 31, 2010

“I know there is a law in life, that blood gets more blood as dog begets dog. Death generates death, as the vulture breeds the vulture!”
Judah Ben-Hur (Charlton Heston) is the oldest son of a noble family in Judea. Accused of attempting to kill the new Roman governor, his once-friend Messala (Stephen Boyd) sentences [...]

The Searchers (1956)

March 30, 2010

“They ain’t white. Not any more. They’re Comanch.”
The Searchers is the story of Ethan Edwards (John Wayne), who begins the film by returning to his brother’s holding. Edwards is a loner, a civil war veteran who refused to surrender his sword and has been doing… something, in the three years since the war ended. There’s [...]

North by Northwest (1959)

February 12, 2010

Not that I mind a slight case of abduction now and then
Alfred Hitchcock in “thriller” mode, though, really, “Spy Caper” is closer to the mark than thriller, as we never /really/ believe that Cary Grant is in danger. The dialogue’s slick, when you can pay attention to it (see the “Woodyard” footnote), [...]