Thursday, 27 January 2011

Message to me

Hello Laria, this is Laria speaking.

Not quite sure why I decided to record a vid-message. It could have been audio only and you could have set up a mirror.

Maybe you don't think that's funny. I do.

Maybe you're sitting there laughing at me. It's difficult to know what pronoun to use. Maybe we're both "I". Maybe you're "you" and you think I'm "you".


I just wanted to leave a message for myself. For there to be some link between me now and me after that wasn't just flesh and blood and some shared quarters.

Maybe you won't care about ships and crew as much as I do. Maybe you won't care about Re-Awakened, about making a good impression, the way I do. I don't know if you're /me/. Or someone else.

And there's only going to be an hour between me recording this and you listening. And I don't know how different I'm going to be. Are we the same person at all? Maybe we'll be the same and it really is just a bit here and a bit there. Or maybe we won't be, and we weren't last time and the fact that I didn't record who I was just covers up how much I changed.

I've been learning to bake cake. Keep doing that, me.

We sacrifice a lot. We get great rewards in return. But with cloning, with this psychological reprogramming... who am I? Who are you?

Try to work on that, a bit, even if you don't care. I do.

Good luck, anyway, Laria.

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