Monday, 14 March 2011


The concept of "sassiness", Laria decided. was one that she was still having trouble with. Mining, yes, she could do that. But somehow the hours spent in the night, her Retriever lit with the orange coruscating light of her strip miners, as potentially enthralling as they were, didn't quite seem... well... "Sassy".

Nor did getting assault frigates destroyed, she thought ruefully. That was getting to be a habit, and one she needed to get over in a hurry. Eva wouldn't have thought getting blown up was sassy.

Laria blinked, rapidly. Yes. The outgoing CEO of Re-Awakened Technologies. One of the reasons she had sought out the corporation. /That/ was what it meant to be sassy.

Two hours later, the previously bare wall of her quarters was covered in a near-lifesize poster of Evanda Char in what Laria had judged to be her "sassiest" pose. Well. She still wasn't quite sure what that meant, but Eva at least looked jaunty. Stuck over the bottom of the poster was a note, which read "Be like this!".

Laria posed in front of the mirror. No, that just looked awkward. She shifted. That was no good either, it looked like she had hip pain. One more try. Yes. That was better. Slight undertones of "needing the facilities", but it would do for a base. Provided she didn't have to move. Still, she ticked off "Stand sassily" on her datapad to-do list. Next was "Walk sassily."

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