Wednesday, 16 March 2011


((Here because of stupid character limit in bio))

Not every child of a family with a long tradition in a business revolts and strikes out in her own direction, pursuing her dteams. Even if that's what her family want her to do.

The Ravens have been miners for generations. First as part of the Rowan Mining Corporation, and then, for the last one hundred years, as an independant, the Raven Mining company.

Laria's parents wanted something better, or at least something other, for their only daughter. An actress, perhaps. Or a famous scientist or lawyer or politician. Anything but another miner, infatuated with the lucky strike, desperately seeking the mother lode.

Blood tells, though, and after having qualified for entrance to the University of Caille in secret, Laria set out as an independent miner herself, making her own way in the world she's been immersed in since childhood.

After a few months, her application was accepted by Eve University, where she studied, learnt and flew around with just a few dozen of her closest friends, until itchy feet and a sense of closure caused her to look around and move on.

Drawn to Re-Awakened Technologies Inc by a curious case of hero worship, she applied and was accepted. The year and a half that followed was more or less a happy one, despite the object of her hero worship not really being present. It was during her time with Re-Awakened that, after a meeting in a bar that a corp-mate was caretaking, she started dating the notorious (EDIT: EVIL DUMPING) pirate Vincent Pryce.

A short time later, her heart well and truly broken, she was single again.

After a year and a half in Re-Awakened, she struck out with a few others and helped form the corporation "Stormcrows", moving to Caldari space.

Although not a loyalist corp, over time, it became obvious to her and others that she wasn't the perfect fit there. She showed signs of boredom, including an ill-advised affair with (NAME REMOVED - TOO EMBARRASSING - LZR). It was in a chance encounter between her Stabber cruiser and his large gatecamp that Laria met with Vince again.

What he said to her, or showed her, is unknown, but in a shock move, Laria repudiated the empires and, leaving Stormcrows, joined the Angel Cartel loyalist corp Utopian Research Independent Experimental Laboratories (URIEL). Whatever she's doing there, it appears not to involve much time with rocks and strip mining lasers.

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