Monday, 21 March 2011


This was all going surprisingly well, Laria thought. Yes, she'd gotten drunk, and yes she'd made a bit of a fool of herself, but nobody seemed to mind drastically, and sassy adventuresses were often having big nights and regretting what they'd done in the morning.

And then, then next time she'd been to Daredevil's, to actually work, it had gone remarkably. She had definitely managed to make several sassy comments. And several embarrassing ones too, but best not to dwell on those.

Laria pulled up her list on her datapad. Well, two items only just makes a list, but it was early days, and auditions for the role of "Nemesis/One True Love" would have to carry on for some time.
  • Candidate Number One. Positives: Reasonably good looking. Has shady past. Owns bar. Negatives: Nice. Doesn't seem to have a very shady present. Poss. too close?
  • Candidate Number Two. Positives: Definitely a villain. Negatives: Almost repulsive. Might be nasty rather than roguish. Slight possibility of kidnap + brainwashing.
Laria put the list away. Not going to get any further with that today. She looked around her quarters and frowned. Cia had expansive, beautiful quarters. And Laria had quarters that looked like she didn't have enough belongings and anyway was only going to be here for a short time.

There was only one thing for it. Another list.
  1. Get larger quarters. (Speak to Cia?)
  2. Move to larger quarters.
  3. Buy nice sassy things to put in quarters.
That seemed reasonable, and postponed the question of what exactly was a sassy item of furniture to a later date. 

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