Monday, 28 March 2011

OOC: Fanfest!

I went to fanfest! I had a great time, drunk too much beer, talked too much, danced a bit. (Your definition of dancing and mine may differ).

Will definitely try to get back next year.

Some random thoughts:

  • I hope that the whole plan for Incarna + Smuggling + Contraband + Customs goes through. All of it, and not just some bits, because it made a lot of sense, fit in with the world as I understand it and would possibly give a jolt in the arm to whole sections of the game. 
  • I enjoyed DrE's Economy talk a vast amount, and it's made me interested in trading. I'd be even more interested if we could do options and futures, but as he said when I asked him, it requires Eve to have trust. Not soon, then. :P
  • I was disappointed by seeing a couple of people in the flesh. Shorter than I'd anticipated and... just dudes. And, in one case, a rather disrespectful and condescending dude.
  • I wish there was a high-definition version of the video available.
  • Polar Beer is average.
  • There were too many people at the Party on Top of The World, and it stopped feeling like an EVE event and started to feel like an Icelandic-drunk-teenager event.

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