Friday, 8 April 2011


High up on the Republic Fleet Testing Facilities station in Gulfonodi, on the capsuleer reserved level, in a standard transient Captain's Quarters, in a bunk, with the covers pulled up over her head, Laria was curled into a little ball, her eyes screwed up and firmly shut.

What had she done? What had she been thinking? She had acted like a... like a... like a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl. That wasn't dignified. It wasn't rational. And it was certainly not, in any conceivable way, sassy. She reluctantly put her head above the covers, only to see the giant poster of Evanda Char staring down at her as if in disapproval. She gave a wail and pulled the covers back up. There. Safety.

Everyone would be laughing at her. Especially Jude. And Vince. And everybody. It had all seemed to be going so well, too. An upsetting and difficult topic of conversation but... good. Communication. Maybe even connection. Laria wailed again and kicked her feet, slamming a toe against the bulkhead and yelping in pain. And she had totally totally ruined it. They would never think of her as a cool stylish adventuress. They would only remember her /blushing/ and /running away/.

There was only one solution she could see. So she couldn't even make a proper list. She was going to hide in her bunk and never ever come out. Ever.

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  1. ((I'm laughing so hard at this. Poor Laria!))