Saturday, 9 April 2011


Laria looked at the list on the datapad, and with a finger stroked firmly across the touchscreen, scoring through one of the entries.

Probably for the best. Still, it only really left her two candidates, though it was a big universe. She glanced at the door to her quarters, and then decided against it. She wasn't, she decided rather forcefully, upset. It was more... things hadn't exactly been going to plan. Maybe staying in was better than going out. And she had these books to read. "Interstellar Intrigue". It sounded fun.



Laria set down her datapad. Well. That was... a surprise.

Was that what it meant to be sassy? Maybe one of these other ones would have a clue.


"Educational". That was the word. Definitely "educational". Laria pulled up her lists on her datapad, and created a new one. There were more things she needed to get before she was sassy enough to have a book written about /her/.

Though... some of these things did seem... anatomically tricky.

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