Tuesday, 3 May 2011


This was, Laria decided, the second most exciting time of her life. The first most exciting time had been when she'd first qualified for pod pilot training. This was the second. Or maybe the third - entering Eve University had been a thrill too.

No. This was better. She had new quarters. Admittedly, at this exact moment, they were both semi-decorated and full of boxes containing things that she had ordered. Or, rather, things that she had probably ordered in a rather overenthusiastic and under-considered spending spree. Still, there was a balcony that looked out over the vast docking bay of the station, an entirely separate lounge cum entrance hall, two bathrooms (she wasn't quite sure the circumstances in which she'd need both, but it made for variety) and a kitchen with lots of space for baking.

And all of her new things were here too. The fact that she hadn't, technically, ordered a bed was a minor point when compared to the plate situation. Should nearly a hundred people come to visit, she had enough plates to feed them all.

This was probably an error, and she, rather regretfully, separated two of the plate boxes from the others and put them on the "go back with an apology" pile. And at the same time, she keyed the order for a bed, and then paused before pressing "submit".

Width... length... height... yes, all fine. Why didn't beds come with an "effective HP" measure, though? It would make decisions like this easier.

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