Tuesday, 14 June 2011


It was, on balance, Laria decided, a good thing. Yes, it had begun rather drunkenly, and then it had continued with her accidentally destroying one of his expensive ships, but it seemed to be developing nicely.
She'd worried that he wasn't really appropriate for a sassy adventuress, but then it turned out that he had enemies.
Anyone who had enemies powerful enough that he needed constant bodyguarding (she pushed aside thoughts about how nice a body it was) had surely had adventures, and dark secrets and intrigue. Or at least battles. And someone with enemies mattered.
She wasn't aware that she had any enemies.
This was distinctly worrying. No enemies and a nice, newly-refurbished apartment overlooking the docking bay does not comprise a sassy on-the-edge devil-may-care existence.

Maybe she could borrow some of his enemies? Surely he could spare a couple? 

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  1. Laria should take up pirating if she wants enemies. ;)