Monday, 13 February 2012


It was, Laria decided, time for a new plan. The old plans had all worked fairly well, give or take the odd incident that was best glossed over quickly, but she'd reached the end of them. She could continue to do work for agents, which was rewarding monetarily on the one hand, but did lead to one contemplating parenting interventions on a regular basis. Or... she could come up with a new plan.

She just wasn't quite sure what that new plan should be. She gazed out from the balcony of her nicely furnished apartment at the plethora of ships floating in the docking bay. She didn't need this many ships. Nobody needed this many ships. But, to be honest, many of them were unfitted - on the "to-do" list. And most of them were unused. Any new plan had to include using them, or they were just a waste of space and tritanium.

So, she needed a new, exciting, sassy plan. With a wave of a hand she called up a virtual holoscreen. "Item one," she dictated, pulling her best "organised and in charge" pose. "Get a new plan."

"Item two..." Her voice trailed off. This was the third such list she'd produced today, and Item Two had proved to be the stumbling block to all of them. Put simply, she wasn't sure quite what to do.

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