Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Step Into The Unknown

She was leaving. Leaving. The corp that she'd dreamed about joining. The corp whose founder's poster still adorned the wall of her quarters. Worse, she was leaving for a corporation based in Caldari space. The nebula wasn't even the right colour there. But it was a new start, a new place. A chance to get in on the ground level, to help form and shape a new corp in exciting ways.

Maybe it wouldn't work out. Maybe it would. But it felt like a step into the unknown, and that was exciting. If Laria was being honest with herself, she'd lacked excitement lately.

Except, of course, for him. Rampantly unsuitable. Disliked by just about everyone, including her. So why did she come running when he called?

Caldari space was surely far enough away from him that it wouldn't keep happening. She could go back to what actually mattered.

Being sassy.

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