Friday, 22 February 2013


Laria blinked as she read the message, the letters suspended, glowing, in the air in front of her. She passed a hand through them, as if expecting this to change them, or make them somehow solid. This was... not what she had expected.

She stood up, and walked to the balcony that overlooked her docking bay in the KK-owned station. Lots of ships. Lots of nice ships. Crying out to be used.

Laria turned back to her holographic display and called up the interactive star-map. There was an awful lot that she hadn't seen yet. And though this idea scared her, maybe that was the essence of adventure.

Still, it did seem like some kind of betrayal. A big betrayal. She called up an old old program and stepped into the middle of the holographic field, then looked in the mirror. A pair of large wings sprouted from her back, waving lazily in the breeze, just the merest hint of incorporeality indicating their nature.

It was definitely an idea. 

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